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Empowering Dreams and Celebrating Positivity at PPF

At PPF, we are dedicated to nurturing talents and spreading positivity through our two flagship programs. Together, these programs embody PPF’s commitment to artistic development and the uplifting power of positivity. Join us in nurturing talents and celebrating the inspirational stories that bind our community.

The Jacques Tolbert Music Scholarship for Young Musicans

The Jacques Tolbert Music Scholarship is a unique opportunity dedicated to supporting the musical dreams of middle and high school students. Established in honor of the late Jacques Tolbert, a passionate music producer and radio station owner, this scholarship fosters young talents in creative arts, particularly in music. It offers financial aid to students who demonstrate a strong commitment to their musical education and are enrolled in their school's band program. The scholarship aids in purchasing a musical instrument, encouraging students to enhance their musical skills and participate actively in their school's music community. Open to students with financial need, this initiative seeks to cultivate the next generation of musicians, keeping alive Jacques Tolbert's enduring legacy in the world of music.

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Positivty Popper of The Month

The Positivity Popper of the Month is a celebrated featured, designed to recognize and honor an individual who exemplifies outstanding positivity, resilience, and inspirational spirit. Each month, we spotlight a member of our community who has made a significant impact through their uplifting actions, motivational mindset, and commitment to spreading joy and positivity. These individuals are not only pillars of strength and encouragement in our community but also role models who embody the essence of what it means to keep the positivity poppin'. Their stories are shared to inspire others and demonstrate the powerful impact of positivity in our daily lives. Join us in celebrating these extraordinary Positivity Poppers and their remarkable contributions to making the world a brighter place. Nominate someone today.

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